First time in the world!!!

We have created a unique platform for making friends, dating & long term relationships using IVR platform and web platform.

What is Phone a friend Card?

Phone friend card is the most advance new age relation networking services built with the help of next gen technology.

Keeping in mind Indian’s lifestyle interest and openness we have created one of such friendship & dating service .It is a blend of telecom based (IVR System) and web based (website) friendship & dating service.

How does phone a friend card works?

Phone a friend card is a universal mobile recharge voucher which can be recharged in any mobile or telecom provider (both prepaid & Post paid).

Phone a friend card comes with various denominations and each denomination has certain talk time to spend. With this talk time you can do the following things:

IVR Dating (Telecom based):

As soon as you purchased phone – a – friend card, you will be given access to a number which is connected with an IVR system.

Friendship & Dating :

Through this option you can connect with lot of friends who are interested in friendship & Dating by choosing your desired friend’s age, sex and location .You can make friend in any state in India. Your talk time will be deducted only if you get connected with someone of your choice.

Yellow Pages, train & flight enquiry:

You might not have internet access or Phone number of customer care all the time for any kind of business /train/flight enquires. Our customer care gives proper Information of all sort of information you may need in this section.

Computer technical support :

For Instant solution, Phone-a- friend card purchaser can call our hardware technical expert to solve all kinds of personal computer’s hardware related problems.

Web Dating (website based) :

Our website offers you most innovative and effective way to find your partner. Our website in equipped with lots of exciting features.

Calling Friends :

This is the most exciting and unique feature on our website, where two friends (if both are on the favorite list) can talk to each other in their personal mobile phone through our call friends facility without even knowing mobile number of each other. Remember we always respect your privacy, So with the virtue of technology, we make sure that no one knows each other’s phone number as cli of each other will not be displayed in each other’s phone.

Gifts :

You can send or received gift from your friend. Every gift has different values and per 30 seconds of talk time of phone a friend card is equivalent to 1 coin and from this coin you can send e-gift to your friend. If you receive gift from Your friend, you can redeem it against cash[min Rs.500].

Stars :

You can give stars to any profile you like, this way you can attract others attention.

Chat/ Comment/ private message :

You can privately chat or publicly comment on any profile you like. A proper comment can help you find more friends & partners.


In this section you can display your photo in other’s profile so as to attract more and more friends.

Mobile Recharge

Now you don’t need to go to any retailers shop or website to recharge your mobile & DTH because with every phone-a-friend card comes a balance amount which can be used to recharge any mobile or DTH from your mobile. You will even get 2% discount on every mobile Recharge. In future if you don’t want to buy Phone –a-friend card but you want mobile recharge @ discounted rate, you can purchase mobile recharge also.

For more info call : 09230715151.